Welcome To Endomak!

In ENDOMAK we proudly offer you unique possibilities and skills, which reflect our devotion to supreme dental results. We have an excellent team dedicated to teeth care.

The working hours are adjusted to the patients’ needs. We offer safety, keep to the appointment made and appreciate when patients show mutual respect toward us. Our doctors build their practical work on the basis on the recommendations from the satisfied patients who have chosen to believe us in years and entrust teeth care of their families.

ENDOMAK follows the latest achievements and trends in dentistry and in medicine, maintains the quality and warrantee continually, thus paying attention to time and money saving and especially to affirmation of national dentistry. We keep in step with the latest methods and techniques working with the most sophisticated equipment and materials.

Here at us, everything is arranged in order to provide as better health services as possible. ENDOMAK’s dental offices are with modern design and equipment and they satisfy the highest standards of space organizing and function. Our aim is to provide an extraordinary dental care for the whole family in comfortable, caring and friendly atmosphere.

Through state of the art dentistry and qualitative relations we enhance the oral health, we elevate the self-confidence and make our patients happy.

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